iPhone 13: Official documents reveal a secret of the Apple cell phone

iPhone 13: Official documents reveal a secret of the Apple cell phone

Only a few days separate us from the presentation of the new iPhone 13, the manufacturer is of course still keeping a low profile. Not so the FCC in the USA, the approval authority for communication devices is already revealing a secret of the Apple cell phone.

If you want to sell an electronic device in the USA, you must first pass the approval process of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). This also applies to Apple, which, as has now become known, submitted a new version of the MagSafe charger for testing in mid-August (source: Dave Zatz via 9to5Mac).

iPhone 13 receives new MagSafe charger

New functions are not directly recognizable from the FCC document, but the paper initially confirms Apple's work on a revised MagSafe version for the iPhone 13 . Worth mentioning: Rumors promise a phalanx of stronger magnets for the upcoming Apple cell phone. The current version is known to be quite susceptible to interference in practice, as something flies off and does not hold up so well.

Particularly exciting: In the test process, the FCC not only mentions the model numbers of the variants of the iPhone 12 that we already know, but also four unknown devices that are currently only mentioned as "New Cellphones". It is probably obvious that the new iPhone 13 is to be "disguised" here.

MagSafe can do more than just power the iPhone. Apple explains the technology in the following video:

The latest charging pad is particularly cheap

The original MagSafe charger is of course still available and has seen a significant drop in price. At the moment, the accessories that are otherwise available from Apple for 45 euros are available from Amazon for only 29 euros - currently available again (see Amazon). Compared to even cheaper alternatives, useful extensions such as special brackets (see Amazon) can also be used directly with the Apple Original.


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