iPhone 13: New pictures show interesting inner workings

iPhone 13: New pictures show interesting inner workings

So far, there has not been such a deep insight into the iPhone 13: First photos show the inner workings of the new iPhone in detail and reveal a few important innovations regarding the battery and Face ID.

iPhone 13 in teardown: battery grows, Face ID shrinks

Although pre-orders for the iPhone 13 have already started, almost no one has actually had the new Apple phone in their hands. Nevertheless, the first pictures already show how things are going with the inner workings of the iPhone 13 . There is no big surprise here, but a few interesting details come to light.

With the iPhone 13 models, Apple relies on long-lasting batteries across the board, which is also noticeable in the physical size of the batteries . Compared to the iPhone 12, the battery in the iPhone 13 has grown by about 15 percent.

The situation is different with Face ID, because here Apple has done a great job and shrunk the face recognition system, which in turn leaves more space for other components. The Taptic Engine developed by Apple, which is responsible for the haptic feedback and vibrations of the iPhone 13, has also been downsized. It is not yet known whether the smaller version will reduce the vibrations.

In the video : This is how the iPhone 13 models differ.

iPhone 13: Bigger battery for more power

The larger battery in the new iPhone ensures more power in all models . Apple speaks of a 1.5 hour longer runtime for the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Pro. With the mini model, 17 hours of continuous video playback should be possible.

It looks even better with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max , here the active use should have improved by 2.5 hours, says Apple. The iPhone 13 Pro Max allows up to 28 hours of video playback.


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