iPhone 13 leaves Android users cold: That s why Apple can t score

iPhone 13 leaves Android users cold: That s why Apple can t score

For Apple and their customers, it is probably the most important product launch of the year. Android users, on the other hand, have little interest in the upcoming iPhone 13, they leave the new smartphone cold. But why can't Apple score points with the competition? The answers are currently provided by an illuminating survey.

A recent survey of more than 5,000 Android users provides illuminating results. Only 18.3 percent of the participants would consider buying an iPhone 13 . Last year, on the other hand, Apple was able to inspire far more Android fans, because at that time a full 33.1 percent, and thus a good third, were considering switching to the iPhone 12 (source: SellCell).

Android users are not enthusiastic about the iPhone 13 in advance

A tangible decline in terms of buying interest in the run-up to the upcoming product presentation. But what is it that keeps the users of Android smartphones from even considering a purchase? The users have good reasons, as the survey reveals.

Almost 32 percent of the survey participants would miss a fingerprint sensor . The return of Touch ID haunts the rumor mill from time to time, but this is not yet certain for the iPhone 13. Accordingly, the mood and the choice of the main reason against the iPhone 13 can be explained.

The special series of the iPhone 13 from a well-known tuner shown in the video can already be ordered in Russia:

Almost 17 percent are also bothered by the limited customization options of Apple's iOS , Android users are their own and are less likely to be patronized. The app store requirement (12.8 percent) and the supposedly better hardware from Android manufacturers (12.1 percent) also provide room for criticism and arguments against the iPhone 13. Exciting: Every tenth respondent does not agree with Apple's announced attack on the iCloud photo library - a more than justified criticism. Interesting: the high prices of the iPhones only bother a few of the Android users (4.5 percent), at least according to the self-assessment of the survey participants.

If you still want to change, choose this model

If current owners of an Android smartphone were to get an iPhone 13, then they would go for the iPhone 13 Pro Max . Almost 40 percent prefer the model with the largest display. And why would you generally opt for an iPhone? The longer software support from Apple is crucial. For more than half of the 18.3 percent of the survey participants mentioned at the beginning, this would ultimately be by far the main reason for an iPhone 13 or an iPhone itself.


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