iPhone 13 falling in price: when will it get cheaper?

iPhone 13 falling in price: when will it get cheaper?

Every year, millions of potential customers ask themselves one question: When is the best time to buy the new iPhone? A clue for the expected drop in the price of the iPhone 13 is now provided by current figures from established price experts.

As expected, Apple presented four new cell phone models at the last event: the iPhone 13 mini, the "normal" iPhone 13, an iPhone 13 Pro and at the top the iPhone 13 Pro Max. But when does the price drop for the devices actually start? Not unimportant for your own purchase decision if you want to save money. So how long should one wait then?

iPhone 13: Prediction for the fall in price of the new Apple cell phone

The experts at the price comparison portal Idealo are currently providing initial clues to this important question. They looked at the price trend of the current and past iPhone generations and now dare to make an initial forecast for the future price decline of the iPhone 13 (source: Idealo).

The starting point is initially the RRP prices for the new models:

iPhone 13: from 899 euros iPhone 13 Mini: from 799 euros i Phone 13 Pro: from 1,149 euros iPhone 13 Pro Max: from 1,249 euros

And how will they develop over time? With the standard model and the iPhone 13 Pro, the best time to buy should be between the fourth and fifth month after the release - about 10 percent price savings are then possible. Those who can be patient even longer save even more. For example, with the iPhone 13 Pro after six months 14 percent (around 160 euros) - this could then break the price barrier of 1,000 euros downwards.

You can not only save on hardware. In the video you can find out when it's time to change your cellular tariff:

Biggest price savings beckon with these models

A similar percentage can then be saved with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, whose forecast price curve is almost identical to that of the iPhone 13 Pro. In total, of course, you get more out of it - almost 190 euros after six months. The prognosis for the iPhone 13 mini is a little more difficult, because so far there was only one predecessor, the iPhone 12 mini, whose price development could be taken into account. If a similar trend occurs, a sharp drop in prices is likely to follow after just three months - a decrease of 15 percent is possible and thus a price of less than 700 euros.

Of course, there is no guarantee for this forecast. Nevertheless, the same applies to the iPhone 13: If you can wait, you will save a lot of money. The best time? Probably in the first month or two of the new year - that's experience.


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