iPhone 13: Apple event officially announced - assumptions were spot on

iPhone 13: Apple event officially announced - assumptions were spot on

Now it's official, in a week Apple will present us the iPhone and probably more. The manufacturer invites you to a special event, in this country we can comfortably watch at the end of the day.

Update from 09/07/2021: The last guesses about the date of the iPhone 13 presentation are accurate. As Apple confirmed today, the event will be held on September 14, 2021 . The motto: "California Streaming" also confirms the prediction that, like last time, probably not a real live stream, a previously recorded video will be played "live" again (source: Apple).

In addition to the iPhone 13, the new Apple Watch 7 and maybe one or two surprises are also expected. In this country, the Apple Event starts at 7 p.m. - just in time for the end of the day. xiaomist will report on the news in the evening.

Original article:

A real "live keynote" has not been available from Apple for a long time. Although there have been various Apple events with so-called live streams since WWDC 2020 , none of them were really "live". Ultimately, there was always a video previously produced by Apple to be seen. Nothing is spontaneous, but choreographed every second. Actually, this should change again with the event for the iPhone 13 in September ... actually.

Apple event in September 2021 still without a live keynote

Probably the original plan for the Apple event in September: The return to real live keynotes, as we knew them before the corona pandemic - with an audience, stage and a Tim Cook as master of ceremonies. At least Mark Gurman assumes that the Apple expert has been shining with his insider knowledge for many years. According to him, Apple would have considered a real live keynote if the circumstances allowed it (source: Mark Gurman via 9to5Mac). Quote:

"If all Apple employees were back in the office as originally planned and the cases of infection were low, it would be plausible to think that Apple is preparing for its first personal product event since 2019. Instead, expect another promotional video on Apple's website and YouTube, as well as a focus on online sales. "

What kind of times were those, like in the video , when an Apple keynote was supposed to take place:

Corona throws Apple's bill

To put it into perspective: At the beginning, Apple had the intention to summon the workforce back to the office for at least three days. Due to rising corona cases in the USA, this step is now obsolete and has been postponed for at least one month into October. The US is currently struggling with the delta variant and an incidence value of over 110, and the trend is rising. All of this despite the previously high vaccination rate, which has not increased further recently. According to Gurman, the real live keynote also falls through and Apple has to resort to the tried and tested "video trick". However, this does not change anything in terms of the actual schedule. So we should prepare for the beginning of mid-September and keep the evening free.


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