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iPadOS 15: Ingenious feature will not be released

iPadOS 15: Ingenious feature will not be released

Apple has now confirmed that there will not be an ingenious feature for the iPad for the time being with the release of iPadOS 15. For "Universal Control" users have to be patient even longer. How long? Unfortunately, Apple only provides partial information on this question.

Not only will the iPhones receive the long-awaited update to iOS 15 in a few days, iPadOS 15 is also in the starting blocks and will be released on September 20th . Not completely, however, because an iPad feature announced at the developer conference in June is missing.

Affected is the "Universal Control" function, which Apple translates as "Seamless Control" in this country. On the American website, Apple is now restricting its availability for the release and putting off "later in the fall" (source: Apple).

Not for the release of iPadOS 15: Universal Control until later in the fall

It was already noticed before: Universal Control has not yet made it into a freely available developer version, so Apple is still keeping the full-bodied promised feature under lock and key. One possible reason: In addition to iPadOS 15, a Mac with macOS Monterey is required.

But there is still no release date for the Mac operating system with version number 12. That should only be announced in the next few weeks. Maybe in October , at a second Apple event in autumn, where the new MacBook Pro 2021 could be shown.

Universal Control is a real highlight as seen in the video , for the iPad and Mac:

And what was Universal Control again and why is it so awesome? In short, a mouse (trackpad) and keyboard can be used simultaneously and seamlessly on Mac and iPad . The cursor just flies over the screens of both systems and knows no more borders. Will this also work as well in practice as advertised? The answer will be given with the release of macOS Monterey at the earliest.

When can the iPadOS 15 download be expected?

But the rest of the new features of iPadOS 15 will be available from Monday, September 20th. The release and download can normally be expected in the early evening hours . Experience has shown that the high server load could cause delays. If you can still wait, you might prefer to get the update in the following days.

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