iPad mini 6: Apple slows down new tablet

iPad mini 6: Apple slows down new tablet

The good news: Apple installs the same chip in the brand new iPad mini 6 as in the iPhone 13. The bad news: The Apple A15 cannot develop its full performance in the small tablet, as the first benchmarks show.

The cutting-edge Apple A15 chip works inside both the iPhone 13 and the new iPad mini 6. Officially, however, the manufacturer is silent about the respective clock frequency. Now it comes out: Apple is deliberately clocking down the chip in the small iPad (source: MacRumors).

iPad mini 6 with "speed limit": Apple clocks the chip down

The chip is allowed to run at 3.2 GHz in all models of the iPhone 13, whereas it is only 2.9 GHz in the iPad mini 6 . The reasons for this remain in the dark, but not the related benchmarks. According to the colleagues at MacRumors, this fact leads to a performance loss of between two and 8 percent. Specifically, Geekbench 5 delivers the following results:

Single core benchmark:

iPhone 13 Pro: 1,730 points iPad mini 6: 1,595 points

Multi-core benchmark:

iPhone 13 Pro: 4,660 points iPad mini 6: 4,540 points

In fact, Apple is slowing down the new iPad mini a bit, but in practice the enormous leap in performance compared to the previous generation cannot be dismissed out of hand. The new tablet is still 40 percent faster in the single-core benchmark and up to 70 percent faster in the multi-core benchmark than the small tablet with Apple's older A12 chip .

We find out what the new iPad mini has to offer in the video:

The new iPad mini now has 4 GB of RAM

But not only the faster chip should be responsible for the general increase in performance, compared to the iPad mini of the previous generation, the new iPad mini 6 can fall back on 4 GB of RAM instead of just 3 GB . This means that the tablet draws level with the iPhone 13. This also uses 4 GB of RAM, the Pro models even a whole 6 GB.

The iPad mini can currently be pre-ordered (see Amazon) , costs from 549 euros (64 GB) and is expected to be available to customers from September 24th.


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