iOS 15 less popular with Apple users: that s the real reason

iOS 15 less popular with Apple users: that s the real reason

Apple's system updates for the iPhone usually enjoy a high level of acceptance. But with iOS 15 this seems to be different at the moment. What could be the reason for this? We have suspicions that are more than justified.

Apple users: iOS 15 accepted less quickly than iOS 14

Although iOS 15 was only released a few days ago, there is already initial information about the distribution of the latest iPhone update. It turns out: In the same period last year, iOS 14 was able to reach almost twice as many users as iOS 15 is currently . Specifically, 8.5 percent of users downloaded and installed iOS 15 on the reporting date, but with iOS 14 in the previous year it was 14.5 percent - according to the figures from an analytics company (source: Mixpanel via MacRumors).

There are still no official values ​​from Apple itself. The iPhone manufacturer recently announced a penetration rate of 85 percent for iOS 14 for iOS 14 in June, according to which only 15 percent worked with older operating systems. It seems that the speed of adoption is now dropping noticeably with iOS 15. But why is that so?

The integrated text recognition on photos from iOS 15 is explained in the following video :

What is the real reason for the slow adoption?

Is it because of the missing features of iOS 15 such as SharePlay for FaceTime, do you prefer to wait for iOS 15.1? Or are the innovations just not good enough? We have another suspicion, which in our opinion is justified.

For the first time, Apple allows its users to initially stay with the older system version, but still receive security updates in the future. The pressure to switch to the latest version of the iPhone system is therefore much less than in previous years.

This is also noticeable in the way Apple is promoting the update within iOS. If you have not necessarily activated the automatic installation of updates, you will receive the update to iOS 15 inconspicuously at the bottom (even with automatic download). With older cell phones such as the iPhone 7, for example, you have to scroll a little bit to see the message. On the other hand, the pure update status of iOS 14 is advertised much more prominently.

In short: Many users have probably not even noticed that there is a new update. Not everyone is constantly informed about these things, because quite a few users are not interested in them at all. It seems like Apple doesn't want people to install iOS 15 right now . But we suspect that sooner or later the reference to iOS 15 will end up higher up. By then at the latest, the acceptance of the system update should improve noticeably.


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