iOS 15 in the starting blocks: We don t have to wait long

iOS 15 in the starting blocks: We don t have to wait long

Many Apple fans are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming iPhone 13, but even more users are eagerly awaiting the release of iOS 15. But when is the iPhone update due to be released by Apple? Two possible dates are now foreseeable.

It is now clear: Apple will almost certainly present the iPhone 13 at the Apple event on September 14th and announce the release date for iOS 15 on the other. For the latter point in time, two conceivable dates for the release of the iPhone update can be foreseen.

iOS 15: Two release dates are already foreseeable

If Apple does it like last year, iOS 15 will be available for download just one day after the September keynote. Ergo: This would already be the case on Wednesday, September 15th . However, this very tight time window in 2020 was the exception.

Traditionally, Apple usually releases the update shortly before the new iPhone generation goes on sale. And here the rumor mill agrees. After Apple presented the iPhone 13 on September 14th, the first pre-orders will be accepted on September 17th. Deliveries will start on September 24th. As a result, the release of iOS 15 would be in the week from September 20th . Either way, we no longer have to wait long.

If you like to use FaceTime, you will be very happy about the upcoming update to iOS 15. The reasons for this can be seen in the video :

Old iPhones are not excluded either

Anyone who is already using iOS 14 on their iPhone can be happy, because iOS 15 is compatible with all Apple phones that are compatible with the previous version. Even an iPhone 6s (Plus) from 2015 will still be able to use the upcoming update. However, not all new functions are usually supported by the old hardware . For example, the "Live Text" feature (text recognition in images) requires an iPhone XS or newer.


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