Inexpensive Apple bundle: iPhone 11 + 20 GB + Allnet / SMS flat rate greatly reduced

Inexpensive Apple bundle: iPhone 11 + 20 GB + Allnet / SMS flat rate greatly reduced

Could you use a new iPhone? DeinHandy sells the 11th generation Apple smartphone in a tariff bundle at an absolute competitive price. We have calculated all the costs and reveal why you should strike.

iPhone 11 including all-network / SMS flat rate + 20 GB at a bargain price from DeinHandy

The iPhone 11 in the "o2 Free M" tariff with 20 GB of data volume is currently available in the DeinHandy online shop for a slim 29.99 euros per month plus 44.94 euros one-time costs (4.95 euros device price + 39.99 euros connection price) . This is a real bargain for everyone who likes to be mobile on the Internet a lot and who value a top smartphone.

The iPhone 11 is no longer the latest cell phone model from Apple, but it is still a high-end device that impresses with a powerful processor, a very good camera, a bright and high-contrast display and a long battery life. At xiaomist there is also a detailed test for the iPhone 11.

The tariff details at a glance

Network: o2 tariff: o2 Free M 20 GB data volume (max. 300 Mbit / s) Allnet / SMS flat rate EU roaming including phone number portability 24 months minimum term, 3 months' notice

You can see in this video that the iPhone 11 still has a lot to offer:

These costs await you

Basic fee: 24 × 29.99 euros per month One-time device price: 4.95 euros Connection fee: 39.99 euros Shipping costs: free of charge

= EUR 764.70 total costs after a minimum term of 24 months

iPhone 11 with 20 GB tariff: That's why the offer is worth it

According to the price comparison, the iPhone 11 (64 GB) is currently new and without a contract, depending on the color, for at least 549 euros. If you subtract that from the total costs of the Curved offer, you are left with € 215.70 pure tariff costs or € 8.99 per month . This is a very affordable price for an Allnet and SMS flat rate with 20 GB of data volume.

But remember to cancel in good time, i.e. at least 3 months before the end of the contract. Otherwise the contract is automatically extended by 1 year.


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