Huawei wants to build the smartphone that Xiaomi failed on

Huawei wants to build the smartphone that Xiaomi failed on

While Xiaomi will soon ascend the smartphone throne and basically replace Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer does not want to give up completely. Huawei is planning a foldable smartphone, on which Xiaomi has so far failed, although a prototype was shown a few years ago.

Huawei wants to build a double foldable smartphone

Samsung is currently the undisputed king when it comes to foldable smartphones. Xiaomi and Huawei also offer corresponding models, but only Samsung is really successful with them. With the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (for testing) and Galaxy Z Flip 3 even more than the years before. But now Huawei could want to play again. According to a patent, the Chinese company wants to build a folding smartphone that can be folded in two places :

This foldable Huawei smartphone has a total of seven display segments, which can probably all be controlled individually, depending on how the device is folded. So if you only want a slightly larger display, you only fold out a part. If you rather need a tablet, the entire area is used . There is also a quad camera that can be used for photos and videos.

Xiaomi already had a similar idea before Huawei

The idea is not completely new. Xiaomi already showed them at the beginning of 2019 and even built a prototype. But nothing came of it. Instead, Xiaomi has recreated a foldable phone from Samsung. And Samsung also wants to build a double-folding smartphone, which can be seen in the following video :

The market for foldable smartphones may currently still be small, but significantly more concepts are likely to be implemented in the future. Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei are among the innovation drivers, the latter two will work hard on alternative designs in the future to differentiate themselves from Samsung. Competition stimulates business, as the saying goes, and we are still at the very beginning when it comes to foldable smartphones .


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