Huawei smartphones: China manufacturer changes strategy - with success

Huawei smartphones: China manufacturer changes strategy - with success

For some time now, Huawei has suffered massively from the US ban, which prevents access to important technologies. In an interview, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei explains that it has changed the strategy and is even successful with it.

Huawei no longer tries to build the best smartphones

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei pursued a clear strategy until the US ban. You build the very best smartphones in the world. It even managed to become the world market leader for a short time. Due to the sanctions, this is no longer possible and, according to the statements of the founder , Huawei has adapted to this :

"Because of restrictions in the US over the past two years, we are no longer trying to use the best components to make the best products," said Ren. Instead, Huawei used other "suitable" components to make high quality products, which improved the company's profitability.

Although Huawei is no longer in the upper class, the Chinese company has managed to earn more with smartphones (source: Nikkei Asia). That can definitely be seen as a great success. But none of this fixes the problems. Both in Europe and in China, the sales figures are falling dramatically because you cannot use Google services in this country and the 5G network is extremely important in China. Huawei cannot currently install a 5G modem, but is already working on a solution.

The latest Huawei tablet with HarmonyOS in the video :

Huawei is heavily involved in 6G technologies

So that Huawei doesn't have the same problem with 6G, the development and patenting of technology is in full swing. Currently 5G is slowly becoming the standard, but its successor will also play an important role in the future and Huawei does not want to leave anything to chance . Huawei is also investing in companies that develop their own chips in order to be less dependent on US technologies. So the last word in the power struggle is far from being spoken.


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