Huawei: The new smartphone is actually one from Honor - only worse

Huawei: The new smartphone is actually one from Honor - only worse

Huawei and Honor have actually been going their separate ways for some time. Behind the scenes, however, the collaboration seems to continue. There is no other way to explain the upcoming Huawei Nova 9 Pro, which is basically a copy of the Honor 50 Pro.

Huawei Nova 9 Pro is actually the Honor 50 Pro

Huawei is not having an easy time in the smartphone market. The Chinese company is suffering extremely from the US ban and can hardly build new smartphones. On September 23, Huawei still wants to show something and unveil the Nova 9 Pro there . The smartphone is not that new, however, because, according to the latest information, it corresponds at least for the most part to the recently introduced Honor 50 Pro, which you can see in the cover picture above.

Photos from China prove that Huawei copied the design exactly . There is a large main camera and the smaller sensors sit in the second round area, which is supposed to look like a second sensor. If you look closely, they are small sensors:

Not only the look is the same, also many of the technical data. A 6.72-inch display with 120 Hz is used. The Snapdragon 778G is probably installed as the processor. But while Honor can integrate a 5G modem, Huawei has to do without it and can only use a 4G modem. A gigantic disadvantage that makes the smartphone much less attractive.

However, the Huawei Nova 9 Pro could have an advantage. The camera is said to be superior to the Honor model . Huawei is known for building excellent camera smartphones and that should be no different with the smartphone. A 50 MP sensor is to be used, which, in combination with the software, enables great pictures and videos.

The current flagship smartphone from Huawei in the video :

Huawei is lost

Huawei tries somehow to stay afloat with smartphones like the Nova 9 Pro, but that basically doesn't work. The sales figures are falling massively, new smartphones are lacking 5G and that means you have a gigantic disadvantage compared to the competition. HarmonyOS is popular, but that's not enough.


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