Huawei: New smartphone generation is brought to its knees

Huawei: New smartphone generation is brought to its knees

Huawei has a big problem with the development and manufacture of new smartphones, as you can hardly access components for construction. Now the Chinese company has found a way how to bypass the restrictions. Processors are specially modified for this purpose.

Huawei buys new Qualcomm processors without 5G

How does Huawei get out of the crisis? The Chinese manufacturer is celebrating one success after the other with HarmonyOS, but there are huge shortcomings in sales of new products. Even in China, where Huawei was a leader even in times of crisis, they are now far behind. Now Huawei seems to have found a solution how to exist at all , at least under the radar . There are no 5G processors.

Qualcomm is probably producing new chips for Huawei without a 5G radio module, which the Chinese company is actually allowed to install in its smartphones (source: GizChina). Huawei is said to receive a version of the Snapdragon 888 with 4G modem for high-end smartphones and a special version of the Snapdragon 778G with 4G modem for mid-range phones .

The own supplies of the Kirin processors with 5G modules are exhausted. Huawei can continue to build smartphones this way, but whether these will really sell is another question. 5G is the standard now. In China in particular, the demand for the fast connection is extremely high. Accordingly, Huawei will have a hard time achieving success with 4G mobile phones there.

In the video we tell you how good HarmonyOS really is:

Honor is following in Huawei's footsteps

Meanwhile, the separation from Honor is paying off. The company, which is independent of Huawei, can build 5G smartphones without any problems and is celebrating its first successes. In China, the company took third place behind Oppo and Vivo and overtook Xiaomi and Apple off the cuff . For Huawei, things are going on somehow, but Honor now seems to be able to really take off.


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