Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones: anomalies discovered

Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones: anomalies discovered

Xiaomi smartphones sell like sliced ​​bread in Germany. The Chinese company is on the verge of becoming the world market leader. Huawei, on the other hand, is on the decline. The Lithuanian Center for Cybersecurity has now issued warnings for smartphones from both manufacturers because anomalies have been discovered. One should get rid of the devices as soon as possible, it says in the report.

Huawei and Xiaomi: Lithuania warns of Chinese smartphones

We recently learned that Xiaomi can remotely lock its smartphones if they are activated in a region where they actually have no business. This gives the Chinese company great power over its own models. The Lithuanian Center for Cybersecurity has discovered other abnormalities in the Xiaomi 10T Pro (via Golem):

The pre-installed Mi-Browser relies on Chinese Sensor Data and collects countless data from the smartphone , which is regularly transmitted to Xiaomi. The problem with this is that the Chinese company sends the data to countries that are not subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and can be analyzed. The security authority describes this as "excessive data collection of user activities". Xiaomi smartphones are also equipped with a censorship function that is not active in Europe, but can be used at any time. During the investigation period, 449 keywords that Xiaomi can censor were discovered. The list is also constantly updated. The activation of the censorship function does not require the consent of the user. It is currently limited to Chinese characters, but could also be extended to Latin characters.

At Huawei, the allegations are a little different. There the Huawei P40 Pro was examined:

According to the security experts, if you can't find an app in Huawei's App Gallery, you will be redirected to APK pages where you can still download the Android apps. This is a security risk as the content is not checked there.

But this is nothing new and was not kept secret by Huawei. It's more of a feature that of course poses a certain security risk if you get to the wrong source. Huawei does not guarantee that the apps from other sources are safe.

The new flagship smartphone from Xiaomi in the video :

No abnormalities on OnePlus phones

In addition to the cell phone from Huawei and Xiaomi, the Oneplus 8T 5G was also examined. The security experts didn't notice anything unusual there. The smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer are therefore safe.

The Lithuanian Cybersecurity Center is now recommending that you get rid of Chinese smartphones as soon as possible in order not to take any security risks.


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