How to know if you have the Global or European version of MIUI on your Xiaomi (Differences)

Beyond MIUI's Global ROM and China ROM, there are other variants targeting specific regions. An example of this is the European ROM or EEA , an adaptation to European regulations and rules that we want to talk about today.

When Xiaomi releases a new Global update, it usually does it for MIUI Global ROM and also for the European ROM . That is where the doubt of many of you appears, especially in the face of the manual update of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO .

But how are they different? do not worry about it. Next we are going to explain the main differences that exist between the MIUI Global and European ROM , as well as the process to know which of these two variants you have installed on your smartphone.

Differences of the Global and European ROM and how to know which one you have installed

While the MIUI Global ROM is the one that is launched worldwide, that is, regardless of the country to which it is destined , the Global ROM is the one with which all Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO devices are marketed in Europe.

Cómo saber si tienes la versión Global o Europea de MIUI en tu Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi A

Broadly speaking, the MIUI European ROM or EEA differs from the Global ROM in that it has been adapted to the rules and regulations required by the European Union , such as volume limitation or even the possibility of recording calls.

In this way we can say that the MIUI Global ROM is somewhat more complete than the European one , getting rid of any limitation and generally, developing before the one destined for European countries . Which one do you have installed on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO? very easy, following these steps you will know it in a simple way:

Cómo saber si tienes la versión Global o Europea de MIUI en tu Xiaomi. Noticias Xiaomi A

  1. Go to Settings> About phone
  2. Once inside we will have to go to the section « MIUI version «

Once we have located the MIUI version, we must look at the alphabetical part of the version , for example " RKBEUXM ". The first letters of this signify the Android version, in this case Android 11, the second and third the device in question (Xiaomi Mi 11), while the fourth and fifth will indicate the type of ROM , in this case « EU "from European". To distinguish the type of ROM, there are the following nomenclatures:

  • EU : European
  • MI : Global
  • CN : China
  • RU : Russian
  • ID : Indonesia
  • MX : Mexico
  • IN : India

In this way, if our version of MIUI is the RKBEUXM we could say that it is a European ROM, while if it were RKBMIXM, it would be a MIUI Global ROM.

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  1. i mistakenly flash bootloader erase, my redmi note 8 pro is just showing black screen and just notification light when i plug it to charger, pls how can i solve it

    1. Congratulations your mobile is Dead...

  2. wrong.
    try search for edl mode and flash new firmware, this time correct one.
    just did the same.


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