Google releases ingenious Android function for new and old smartphones

Google releases ingenious Android function for new and old smartphones

Google has announced a multitude of new features for Android smartphones that can be used on new and old devices. One of them is really extremely practical and can be activated immediately - even if you are using an old cell phone.

Android smartphones are given the "Cheer up" function

Anyone who uses their smartphone intensively while on the move has probably run into a situation in which they almost run into a pillar or a person. This has actually happened to me before. Fortunately, I was able to react at the last moment. This is exactly the problem that Google is addressing with the "Cheers up" function . This was initially announced for Pixel smartphones at the beginning of the year, but is now available for all smartphones that use Android 9 or newer.

Specifically, the "head up" function is about the Android smartphone reminding you to raise your head if you stare at the display for too long. You can find the function in the settings under "Digital Wellbeing" . As soon as the smartphone notices that you are moving and looking at the display for too long, it warns you. Definitely a really handy feature that I've also activated now.

In the video we show you the new Android 12:

Many more features announced for Android

The "cheer up" function caught my eye right away, but Google has announced many more new functions for autumn (source: Google) that will also be available for older Android smartphones:

Smartphone with facial expressions and gestures yesterday : Google is making it easier for people with disabilities to use an Android smartphone. The new functions and apps "Camera Switch" and "Project Activate" will be released from September 30th. Lookout recognizes objects with artificial intelligence and speaks them out. This makes it easier for people with visual impairment to see things. Control Google TV with your smartphone . This makes the remote control superfluous. The Google Assistant can remind you of everyday work in the future. For example, you can have regular reminders to water the plants and the like. Android Auto is expanded to include GameSnacks . You can use it to play little games in the car. In addition, Android Auto gets a work profile . Both functions will be available soon. and much more.

With this, Google proves that you can not only distribute new functions for new smartphones, but also expand existing devices, even if they no longer receive new Android updates.


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