Google Pixel 6 Pro: First hands-on video reveals surprising details

Google Pixel 6 Pro: First hands-on video reveals surprising details

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have still not been officially presented, but one of the models has already appeared in a shop in Nigeria and was subjected to a short hands-on video there. In addition, interesting details were read out for Google's own tensor chip.

Google Pixel 6 Pro appeared in the first hands-on video

It happened again. Once again, a not yet officially launched Google smartphone has found its way into a store somewhere in the world . This time in Nigeria, where we see the gray version for the first time. What do you notice at first glance? The Pixel 6 Pro in this color combination is really shiny. Both the front and the back are extremely reflective. The big smartphone doesn't look as big as expected in the hand:

The short video confirms the new triple camera with zoom lens. With this, Google is saying goodbye to the software zoom on the Pixel 6 Pro and is now finally using a decent sensor for it. With the Pixel 5 you could already see that the software was reaching its limits.

In addition to the video of the Pixel 6 Pro, an excerpt of the CPU properties has also appeared. With CPU-Z you have read out which properties the Google tensor chip has. And there is a real surprise there. The new processor from Google has two high-end Cortex-X1 cores . Both the Exynos 2100 and the Snapdragon 888 only have one. This is an indication of the chip's high performance, which, at least in the first benchmarks, could not yet be confirmed.

Google has already shown the Pixel 6 in the video :

When will Google finally unveil the Pixel 6?

Google itself has not yet announced a date for the presentation of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. According to many sources, mid-October seems to be a time when the cell phone could be announced. Android 12 is expected on October 4th. So we have to be patient for a while until what is possibly the best Android smartphone of the year appears.


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