Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Samsung is planning a special Android tablet

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Samsung is planning a special Android tablet

The Galaxy Tab S8 will be large and durable, but Samsung has another trick up its sleeve: It should be an extremely thin frame that has never been seen in any other tablet before. This is good news for Samsung phones too.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with an extremely thin frame

Reports from South Korea suggest that Samsung has come up with something very special for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Android tablet. Thanks to the BRS (Border Reduction Structure) technology developed in-house, an extremely thin frame can be expected. There is still some catching up to do, especially in the tablet sector, because both the best iPad and Galaxy Tab models have a very visible housing. This could lead to a similar development that we have known for a long time from smartphones.

If there is a Samsung leak, the company will use BRS technology for the first time in the Ultra version of the Galaxy Tab S8. Should BRS prove itself in everyday life and be well received by customers, then the chances are not bad that some of the upcoming cell phones from Samsung will become even more frameless. With the Galaxy S22, however, BRS is not yet to be expected (source: Naver).

In the video : This is what the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 offers.

Customers of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra have to dig deep into their pockets not only for the almost frameless design. The prices for the WLAN version should start at around 1,120 euros . For this sum, however, there is probably the best equipped Android tablet of all time.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be an endurance runner

The Ultra version of the Galaxy Tab S8 is said to be equipped with a huge 12,000 mAh battery . Such a battery is also necessary, because the tablet has a high-end processor and a 120 Hertz display with a diagonal of 14.6 inches. A 5G variant is also being planned.


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