Galaxy Tab S8: Samsung tablet should keep up with the iPad Pro

Galaxy Tab S8: Samsung tablet should keep up with the iPad Pro

Samsung has been offering high-end tablets with the Android operating system for years, but these have never really been able to keep up with the iPad Pro. Samsung has always saved money in one area in particular and was inferior to the Apple tablet. With the Galaxy Tab S8, performance should not be stingy for the first time.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 with the processor of the Galaxy S22

It has been suspected for a long time that Samsung not only wants to offer a normal plus model for the successor to the Galaxy Tab S7, but also an absolute high-end tablet for the first time with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, which competes against the iPad Pro from Apple can compete. According to the latest information, a Samsung manager is said to have indicated behind the scenes that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra should appear with the Exynos 2200 and AMD graphics (source: Slashgear). This chip is actually only expected in the upcoming Galaxy S22.

While the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8 Plus should come with slightly weaker chips, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra would for the first time play along in terms of performance in the upper class . Samsung has never done itself a favor with the processors built into its expensive tablets. Fast, but older processors were used there. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra could be the first tablet to break this vicious circle.

Apple is now installing its own M1 chip in the iPad Pro, which outperforms all of the competition. It will be exciting to see whether the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra can even keep up with Exynos 2200. With the high-end processor, however, it should be one of the fastest tablets in the world if the information proves to be true.

For comparison: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 in the video :

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is set to be huge

According to the latest information, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra should not only have enormous performance, but also be gigantic with its 14.6-inch display. It would be one of the largest Android tablets ever and would create new possibilities for productive use with the pen and the keyboard.


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