Galaxy Note: Samsung is planning a unique smartphone with an S Pen

Galaxy Note: Samsung is planning a unique smartphone with an S Pen

Samsung did not introduce a Galaxy Note 21 and Galaxy Note 21 Ultra this year, but that doesn't mean that we won't get a high-end smartphone with an S Pen in the future. The South Korean company is planning exactly one thing, as a patent reveals. And that has it all.

Samsung Galaxy Flex Note with S Pen planned

Samsung has not yet officially completed the Note series. This year just no new generation was introduced. In the background, Samsung seems to be working on a real note revolution. The company doesn't just want to build a new Note smartphone, but rather revolutionize it completely. Samsung combines everything we want in a patent called "Flex Note" :

With the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (for testing), Samsung offers a folding smartphone with an S Pen. However, this cannot be inserted and the external display is not really great either. The Samsung Galaxy Flex Note fixes all of the problems . You get a normal-sized display on the outside and can enlarge it by about a third if necessary. This gives you a larger screen when you need it.

The highlight is that an S Pen can also be used here, but it can be inserted on the back. So you always have the S Pen with you and can use it when you need it. Otherwise it is in its holder and can be transported safely.

In the video you can see a lot of crazy ideas from Samsung with foldable displays:

When will the Samsung Galaxy Flex Note be released?

As with every Samsung patent, of course, we never know if and when the product will be launched. This Galaxy Flex Note would fit perfectly into Samsung's portfolio and would be a sensible alternative to the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. With this, Samsung would create a third device class.


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