Galaxy A53: Samsung is upgrading its mid-range cell phone properly

Galaxy A53: Samsung is upgrading its mid-range cell phone properly

With the A series, Samsung offers mid-range smartphones that are good value for money. Every year the company surprises with new functions that actually come from the upper class. That won't change with the Galaxy A53. The bar is set a little higher again.

Samsung Galaxy A53 with Exynos processor and AMD GPU

The Samsung Galaxy A52 is waterproof, has an AMOLED display, supports up to 120 Hz, has a good camera with optical image stabilization, a large battery, a simple design and performed well in our test. No wonder it sells so well that the smartphone was sold out almost everywhere for a long time. With the Samsung Galaxy A53 you will improve again .

Samsung wants to develop a mid-range processor that is equipped with an AMD graphics unit. It has been known for a long time that Samsung is working with AMD. So far, however, only a high-end processor with AMD GPU was expected for the Samsung Galaxy S22. But the cooperation goes beyond that. In fact, the middle class should also benefit from it. An Exynos processor with AMD graphics is expected for the Samsung Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A73 (source: Clien).

If the rumor turns out to be true, Samsung's mid-range phones would be on a different level. It is already clear that the AMD GPU in the Galaxy S22 is so important that many providers in countries where a Qualcomm processor is actually installed want the Exynos chip from Samsung . Of course, you wouldn't get the same performance in the middle class as in the upper class, but according to the current state of knowledge you would clearly outperform Qualcomm with comparable chips.

In the video we show you the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G:

Are the high expectations of Samsung's AMD partnership being met?

We will have to wait and see how this performance advantage will be felt in everyday life. Benchmarks and tests when using the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A73 will show whether the high expectations are met. Since the A series is presented after the S series, we already get a good outlook on the performance with the Galaxy S22.


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