Fossil speaks plain language: Why the smartwatches have been restricted

Fossil speaks plain language: Why the smartwatches have been restricted

Clear cut at Fossil: The well-known watch manufacturer has removed dozens of watch faces from its smartwatches in one fell swoop. Several models of the Fossil Gen 5 are affected. In the meantime, the manufacturer has reacted and published a statement.

Update, 9/8/2021: In a statement to xiaomist, Fossil stated the following: "With a recent update, Fossil has removed watch faces to optimize performance and free up storage space on our devices. We removed those watch faces that made up less than 1% of total customer interaction with our watch faces. Fossil's smartwatches still offer a variety of possible dial combinations that users can explore and adapt to their own style. Please see all recently released watch faces and stay tuned for more releases later this year! "

Original article:

Software updates usually expand the functionality of electronic devices. Fossil is currently showing that there is another way. The manufacturer is said to have removed 33 watch faces from its Android smartwatches of the Gen 5 model series (source: 9to5Google). These include the standard model of the Gen 5, the Gen 5 FE and the Gen 5 LTE with cellular support.

Fossil is removing watch faces from smartwatches

The update, which will be distributed via the Google Play Store, should also add two new watch faces. Overall, however, clearly more are removed than are added. The original catalog of watch faces for the Fossil Gen 5, according to 9to5Google, was 55 pieces. Now only 24 are left - a huge loss for any owner of the affected Fossil smartwatches. Not even half of the original watch faces are left.

The following watch faces are said to have been removed by the update:

Big Tic Blue Candice Huffine Colorist Compass Cory Richards Darryl Westly Defender Ettore Flip Digital Fred Grant KJ Apa Magic 8-Ball Mandy Moore McKinney Mechanical Digital Men's Fashion Digital Minimal Dressy Minimalist Analog Mood Movember Movember Analog Movember Digital No Icon Digital P-51 Ranbow Robot Roulette Sail Dial Scarlette Shimmer Speedometer Turn Table

What you need to know before buying a smartwatch is explained in the video :

Fossil's dubious rationale for the removal

It is not known why Fossil removed the watch faces. In some cases, according to users, the manufacturer speaks of an "optimization", whatever that means in concrete terms (source: Reddit). xiaomist asked Fossil for a statement. As soon as we have that, we will update the article.


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