Fitbit and Co .: Millions of user data can be viewed online by everyone

Fitbit and Co .: Millions of user data can be viewed online by everyone

User data from fitness apps and wearables has surfaced in the millions, publicly available online. According to a security report, users worldwide are affected. A random sample showed that, among other things, data from Fitbit and Apple Health could be accessed unencrypted.

If you use fitness bracelets and smartwatches with health functions, you share a lot of personal data with your device. It is precisely to collect, process and store this data that many of the functions of modern fitness wearables are intended. But those who use them should be able to trust that their private data will stay just that: private.

Fitbit, Apple Health and Co .: 61 million data records available online

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as the current incident shows: According to a report by the American blog "Website Planet", around 61 million data records have become accessible online. Accordingly, user data from all over the world has been published in an unprotected database that could hardly be more private.

In addition to the first and last names, account names and dates of birth of millions of people affected , the typical health data should also have been visible in plain text, writes security researcher Jeremiah Fowler (source: Website Planet). Means: Age, gender and weight were assigned to the corresponding persons in lists. Location data is also said to have been available in this way in some cases.

Which devices are affected by the data leak?

A sample of around 20,000 data records showed that users of the well-known provider Fitbit, among others, are affected, it says. In addition, for example, data from Apple Health, S Health from Samsung, GoogleFit and Jawbone UP appeared in the unencrypted database. Much of the data was apparently related to the specialized US company GetHealth.

For many, fitness apps absolutely belong on their mobile phones - we show in the video which applications really belong on all smartphones:

According to the security researcher, the data was backed up again within a day upon his report . Such incidents show that you are only really safe if you do not have the relevant data generated, i.e. if you do not use fitness wearables. Such data leaks can be used for phishing attacks, among other things. You can check whether your data has appeared online - we'll show you how in our article.


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