EU: Is Apple losing touch? - xiaomist headlines

EU: Is Apple losing touch? - xiaomist headlines

This week the EU Commission presented a legislative proposal that could cost Apple the Lightning connection. In this issue of xiaomist Headlines, you can find out what happened and what else happened this week.

Apple without its own connection? EU plans to make USB-C mandatory

Last week we talked about the new iPhones. A certain feature that some would like has not yet arrived, but it could soon. Not because Apple wants it, but because the EU makes it mandatory.

The EU Commission has presented a new legislative proposal to harmonize the ports of all smartphones, tablets, headsets and other mobile devices.
This means that USB-C should be used in the EU. So Apple could lose the Lightning connector, at least in the EU.

It is also required that no more chargers be enclosed with the devices.
Fast-charge technologies are to be harmonized so that smartphones can be charged quickly with any compatible charger.

If the law comes into force, companies have two years to adapt to it.

Samsung Galaxy Note in a new form

The Galaxy Note could continue, albeit differently than before.
LetsGoDigital has found a patent drawing for Samsung Display at the Chinese patent office that combines two types of device:

On the one hand the Galaxy Note with S-Pen and large display, on the other hand the Galaxy Fold with an even larger folding display.

The result is the "Galaxy Flex Note": The smartphone can be used normally folded up, if you open it, the display expands and the S-Pen stored for charging appears on the inside.

The patent was applied for last October, so apparently work on it has been going on for some time.

PS4 update fixes "CBOMB" problem

In the spring there were the first reports of what would happen if the built-in button cell on the PS4 failed.

In short: You can no longer play offline and the trophies are no longer tracked.
The reason: The battery is also used to synchronize the console's system time. So that the trophies cannot be messed around with, they are only activated when the console is online and the system time can be confirmed by the PSN.

Sony has now taken on the problem. With the PS4 update 9.0.0, the games can now be started offline and even trophies can be earned, even with a non-functioning battery.

On the other hand, some gamers report new problems, such as that some apps no longer start or that the performance in games is no longer optimal after the update.

Fiber Optic Northwest: Vodafone lawsuit successful

In 2019, Deutsche Telekom joined forces with the regional provider EWE to form "Glasfaser Nordwest" in order to expand 300,000 fiber optic connections in rural areas within four years.

Vodafone and "Deutsche Glasfaser" had sued this cooperation and have now been given a right before the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court. What does that mean for the expansion? Telekom says: "We will examine and expand all legal options."

The Cartel Office is now to reassess this cooperation.


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