Especially for the iPad: This is how you can now eliminate a major flaw

Especially for the iPad: This is how you can now eliminate a major flaw

There's not much to complain about with the current iPad Air and iPad Pro, and yet both Apple tablets have a major weakness - the obvious lack of connections. A new accessory product from the popular and well-known manufacturer Twelve South now eliminates this error.

Not only Stiftung Warentest is convinced of the current Apple tablets, customers are also extremely satisfied with the iPad Air and iPad Pro. What is annoying, however, is the fact that there is only a single USB-C port , not even a jack port for normal headphones. If you want to eliminate the tablet's biggest weak point, you have to use a special hub . Twelve South is now showing a particularly compact version with the StayGo Mini (source: manufacturer).

iPad Air and Pro get more connections - here's how

The small USB-C hub can be plugged directly into the iPad , but if you like it more flexible, you can use the enclosed cable extension (50 centimeters) as an alternative - also ideal for use on a Mac. A total of four connections are available to users with the StayGo Mini:

1x USB-C (suitable for power supply thanks to pass-thru charging (85W USB-C PD) 1x 4K HDMI: 4K x 2k at 30Hz HDMI, Full HD (1080p) 1x USB-A 2.0 port, offers a charging capacity of up to 7.5 W with BC 1.2 1x audio output for headphones (3.5 mm)

Thanks to the hub, it is possible, for example, to charge the iPad at the same time, connect an external display and enjoy music via wired headphones - practical.

In the video , the manufacturer explains the compact hub for the iPad:

In the USA, the StayGo Mini costs just under 60 US dollars, in this country Amazon currently lists the useful hub for 64.99 euros (see Amazon), but cannot yet provide information on the delivery time.

Alternatives to the new hub

By the way, if you need more connections, you should take a look at the older and bigger brother (Twelve South StayGo ) (view it on Amazon). At just over 100 euros, it is also significantly more expensive, but also offers an SD card reader and a xiaomist.combit Ethernet port.

If you don't want to spend that much, you will find a comparable alternative to the two hubs from Twelve South in the Anker PowerExpand Direct 6-in-1 USB-C Hub for just under 50 euros (view on Amazon). However, it is only really suitable for the iPad Pro, as comments from buyers suggest. The hub of the iPad Air is not tight enough - good to know.


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