Embarrassing: Google is promoting smartwatch apps that no longer exist

Embarrassing: Google is promoting smartwatch apps that no longer exist

With Wear OS 3, Google advertises some apps as "essential" - they simply belong on every smartwatch with the new operating system. Too bad that two of them are no longer available. Neither Uber nor Telegram are available as a smartwatch app for Wear OS.

Wear OS 3: Google promotes apps that don't exist

Now that Wear OS 3 is available as the operating system for smartwatches, Google and Samsung are investing a lot in marketing. After all, interested parties should know that with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Classic) they not only get a well-equipped smartwatch, but also get exclusive access to the new Wear OS 3 . Here, however, Google should have been better informed about the apps.

A user of Reddit noticed that two of the smartwatch apps that Google called "essential" no longer exist . So Google did not pay attention and advertised apps that are not available for Wear OS (source: Reddit). This includes the smartwatch version from Uber, which has long been switched off for Android watches.

In the video : This is what the new Galaxy Watch 4 offers.

The Messenger Telegram is also no longer available as a download for Wear OS. The developers only pulled the plug a few days ago. The app still works if it has already been installed, but the smartwatch version can no longer be found in Google's Play Store. Telegram could also "maybe soon no longer" work with Wear OS, they say.

Wear OS 3 exclusively for Samsung smartwatches

The new version of the smartwatch operating system is initially only available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Classic). Other manufacturers are initially left out and have to be patient. The new Fossil Gen 6 comes with Wear OS 2 and will only receive an update later.


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