Driver s license comes on the smartphone: This is what the digital version brings you

Driver s license comes on the smartphone: This is what the digital version brings you

The driver's license is going digital. From now on, drivers in Germany can download a digital version of the "cloth" onto their smartphones. While the technical feasibility in itself is a nice thing, hardly anyone will be able to do anything with it at the moment.

Driver's license is going digital: the rag is sent to the smartphone via an app

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) can finally combine its two areas of responsibility in a sensible way: Today the authority announced that the driver's license can now be saved digitally on the smartphone . But if you want to do that, you have to know some possible stumbling blocks.

"The digital driver's license has the potential to make everyday life much easier for drivers. There is no need for time-consuming video checks of the driver's license, for example for car sharing or rental, between loading the app and driving off, there is only one click on the digital driver's license, "explains Andreas Scheuer, the responsible Federal Minister of the CSU (source: BMVI).

In addition to simple bookings of rental cars or car sharing services, other areas of application are planned. In the long term, there are plans to introduce the driver's license on the smartphone across the EU as valid proof of a driving license, for example during police checks. It should be able to become a "full replacement for the classic card driving license" .

The digital driver's license is still just a gimmick

However, that is still a long way off, the digital driving license has started today in the first of several phases. Means: Citizens can now create their driver's license digitally in the app. Only it has no use yet, the future areas of application are only being set up.

In order to get the driver's license on their cell phone, interested parties need the "ID Wallet" app, in which it is saved. You also need an identity card with an activated online ID function for the online application. The driver's license is created on the smartphone from the data from the Federal Motor Transport Authority, which was also involved in the development.

Everyone has to know for themselves whether they need a driver's license on their smartphone - in the video we show some apps that really belong on every mobile phone:

Many older IDs are no longer necessary, and not everyone who wants to will be able to issue the smart driver's license right from the start - but without possible applications, that's not a problem either. The ministry explains that they are currently working on these with BMW and Sixt car rental company. The functions are to be expanded step by step in the future.


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