Do you like neon effect icons? This theme is perfect for your Xiaomi

The MIUI Themes application offers us a wide variety of options to personalize our mobile devices as we like best. Many of these are free and are an excellent complement to give a different and original touch to your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO device .

The perfect theme for your Xiaomi if you like icons with neon effect

Such is the case with Deluxe LineUI , an ideal theme for neon lovers. This customization pack, in addition to providing adrenaline-filled wallpapers , also offers a neon icon pack to radically change the look of your mobile.

Deluxe LineUI with neon lights

Each app icon gets a bright, colorful, custom design . As if that were not enough, the control center also changes its appearance for a more minimalist one with a dark background . Now, every time you activate a Control Center function, the button will glow deep purple, just like neon.

Similarly, other displays such as the keyboard, messaging and settings menu receive custom designs and neon lighting for a unique and unmatched look.

All you have to do to install the Deluxe LineUI theme is to enter the following link from the Xiaomi Themes store. Don't worry if you can't access. In that case, you just have to change the region of your Redmi, Xiaomi or POCO device .

Go to Settings> Additional settings> Region and change the region of origin to India . Once this change is made, you will be able to download and install the theme on your device. Afterwards, you can return to the Region section and return to the original. The process is quick, easy and does not represent any risk.

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