{Disarmed} Xiaomi makes the Xiaomi 11T Pro official and its fast charging of 120W of power

After a wide variety of rumors and all kinds of certifications, Xiaomi has made the Xiaomi 11T Pro official , a smartphone that we will see debut on September 15 along with one of its fastest fast charges.

Through its social networks, Xiaomi has shown for the first time the name "11T Pro", also adding one of its star features: a fast charge capable of reaching 120W of power in order to charge its battery in just a few minutes.

The Xiaomi 11T Series will be characterized by its fast charging

As we can see in the following images, on September 15, the new Xiaomi 11T Pro will be unveiled along with a 120W fast charge and also probably the Xiaomi 11T that although it may not bring the same fast charging system , the rest of its features could be quite interesting.

Beyond that, the characteristics of the Xiaomi 11T Pro remain a mystery although everything indicates that it will have an OLED screen unlike the IPS LCD that we found in its previous generation and also a Snapdragon 888 processor .

The Xiaomi 11T for its part would integrate the same OLED screen but instead its processor would become a Mediatek, in this case the Dimensity 1200 . This would give you great performance but at a more affordable price.

The Xiaomi entry makes the Xiaomi 11T Pro official and its fast charging of 120W of power was first published on xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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