{Disarmed} The Xiaomi CIVI will be the most "beautiful" smartphone of all 2021

For a few days we have been talking about the Xiaomi CIVI , a terminal that will become the new brand that will replace the Xiaomi CC Series and that we will see debut on September 27 , probably exclusively in China.

Well, after several rumors and leaks about its design or characteristics, Xiaomi has made the arrival of this new smartphone official , not only announcing that it will actually be presented next Monday, but also initiating all kinds of rumors.

Xiaomi CIVI, the most beautiful smartphone of the company

After being officially announced, various information leakers such as ICE Universe have ventured to ensure that the Xiaomi CIVI will be the most "beautiful" Xiaomi smartphone released to date.

This would be given by a well cared for aesthetics and by adding a really reduced thickness and an even lighter weight , something like what we found in the Xiaomi 11 Lite New Edition presented days ago in the international market.

El Xiaomi CIVI será el smartphone más "bonito" de todo 2021. Noticias Xiaomi A
Official poster of the Xiaomi CIVI

Beyond this, everything indicates that the Xiaomi CIVI will become a smartphone for lovers of photography and social networks, incorporating a 103MP main camera and a processor from MediaTek .

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