{Disarmed} Windows 11 is supposed to give PCs a big boost in performance

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Windows 11 is just around the corner. In less than 1 month, the latest version from Microsoft will be available starting October 5th. A new video now shows that Windows 11 should make PCs much faster. Many optimizations in CPU, RAM and memory are supposed to achieve better performance.

In a new video, the Windows 11 team now gives exclusive insight into the performance optimizations of Windows 11, improvements to the Windows maintenance model and the orchestration engine, as well as policy management and the reasons for the Windows 11 system requirements.

All of this should ensure that Windows 11 then runs significantly faster on the PC than Windows 10. The processor should be used around 37 percent less, the main memory 32 percent and starting from standby mode should be 25 percent faster.

Microsoft promises that Windows 11 will use less hard drive space, that thread management has been improved and that foreground tasks in particular will receive more CPU resources than before. Windows 11 should then be significantly more powerful. In the following video you can see what is meant:

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