{Disarmed} Wild rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 22 is coming

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra 5G Render

This is how wild rumors begin: someone has heard or seen something that supposedly serves as evidence. So now for the latest rumor about the Samsung Galaxy Note 22. Because a rumor like that is now making the rounds on Twitter.

"Someone in the supply chain saw evidence of the existence of the next generation of the Galaxy Note". This is what it says in a tweet at Ice Universe, an otherwise quite reliable leaker. But when it comes to the Note series from Samsung, you don't know exactly what will come or not.

The fact is, there was no Samsung Galaxy Note 21 this year, due to the global shortage of chips. Therefore, fans of the series hoped for a comeback in 2022. But Samsung has not registered the "Galaxy Note" brand. Allegedly, this should have been secured by 2023, why a new registration is not necessary.

But there is no evidence to support the claim that there will be a Samsung Galaxy Note 22. Since Samsung's smartphone sales are declining, it would make no sense for Samsung to discontinue one of its most popular flagship models. We'll wait and see.


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