{Disarmed} WhatsApp: Will there be a transcription function for converting voice messages into text?


Subtitles and transcriptions are handy but have been difficult to come by for a long time. Artificial intelligence has provided us with automatically generated transcriptions on some voice messaging apps, subtitles on YouTube videos, and almost everything Google can get its hands on.

But the feature is not yet available in messenger apps such as WhatsApp. Not yet. But we could soon have a nice surprise. As you can now read, WhatsApp is probably working on a transcription function for converting voice messages into text.

This should make it possible for WhatsApp on iOS to use voice messages to create a transcript for them. But the work is not done by WhatsApp or Facebook - but by Apple. The data is sent to Apple.

With Android and WhatsApp, there is no talk of this yet, as you have to rely on the separate Live Transcribe app. Apparently, Facebook would have to work with Google to implement it on Android, but there are no signs of this (yet).


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