{Disarmed} WhatsApp is rolling out multi-device support


WhatsApp starts rolling out the multi-device function for the iOS version of the app. The latest version in the App Store,, now offers support. The new feature is now displayed in the "Linked devices" section. As soon as you have agreed, WhatsApp logs out one of the currently linked sessions and then you have to re-scan the QR code on all connected devices.

If you want to link a new device, it takes a few seconds for the messages to be synchronized. Once the synchronization is complete, the linked device can be used independently even when the phone is switched off. You can link up to four devices at the same time, but none of them can be a telephone, except for the main device.

A linked device can be a macOS / Windows computer, a WhatsApp web session, or a portal. WhatsApp could also support iPad and Android tablets in the future.

The WhatsApp FAQ still states that the beta version of WhatsApp is a prerequisite for participating in the multi-device beta, apparently this is no longer true, as the feature is now also available in the stable version of iOS .

It is not yet known when support for multi-device support will be finally rolled out in Android. But it will probably only take a few hours or days.


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