{Disarmed} Welcome to the era where refrigerators send you emails telling you that you open them too many times a day

Welcome to the era where refrigerators send you emails telling you that you open them too many times a day

Dan Hon bought a refrigerator from LG last year, and now he has found a surprise: that refrigerator is sending him emails telling him that he opens it too many times a day .

This user recounted how he did not remember giving permission to the refrigerator to send him emails. "I've never done it before," he explained, but suddenly it wasn't just telling him how many times he had opened it during the day.

Hello, i'm your fridge

He also sent data on the water consumption of the dispenser he had made , or performance reports that showed a confirmation indicating that everything was fine and that no problems had been detected that "could impact the ability of your refrigerator to keep your food chilled and fresh. ".

These reports open the debate on whether or not these types of messages are really useful. For this user they are not: they do not contribute much, they interrupt and they seemed more spam than anything else .

I was already writing it down when they installed it and connected it to the internet. Hon wanted to investigate the impact of the Internet of Things, and he quickly realized how this overconnection of all kinds of devices ended up adding notifications that perhaps were not especially useful .

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The truth is that home appliances certainly offer more and more curious features . One user, for example, answered by showing the monthly summaries of his washing machine, but although there can certainly be useful options — and other dangerous ones — aren't we going a little too far?

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