{Disarmed} We like the new iPad for its CPU and front camera, but we like it more for its 64 GB starting point.

We like the new iPad for its CPU and front camera, but we like it more for its 64 GB starting point.

It was the first surprise of the Apple event: the iPad (2021) in its standard variant, the most affordable, is renewed and it does so with two major changes: the first, its new processor, the Apple A13 Bionic.

The second, its new 12-megapixel front camera, which comes with a clear focus not only in selfies, but in video conferences: the Center Stage feature of the iPad Pro now comes to these iPads, which also start (finally!) From the 64 GB capacity .

Apple iPad data sheet (2021)

Apple iPad (2021)


IPS 10.2 inch Retina

2,160 x 1,620 px, 264 dpi, 500 nits


Apple A13 Bionic




64/256 GB

Rear camera

8 MP f / 2.4

Frontal camera

12 MP



20W USB-C adapter


iPadOS 15



Dimensions and weight



TouchID, USB-C port, stereo speakers, eSIM


WiFi: 64 GB - 379 euros

LTE: 64 GB - 519 euros

Videoconferencing by banner

The new "basic" iPad certainly becomes a more than interesting candidate even for the most demanding users: the Apple A13 Bionic chip that governs it is 20% more powerful than the A12 of the previous model, and that will be noticeable in all types of situations.


For example, in the section on photography and videoconferencing, which has undoubtedly been one of the focuses of the new model: the rear camera does not change, but the front camera does, which now has a 12-megapixel sensor. with autofocus and better performance in low light.

The ISP integrated in the SoC A13 is according to Apple responsible for the better behavior of both the rear and front cameras, but where Apple wanted to influence the latter was especially, and not only for the selfies .


In fact, that section paled before what proved to be the true protagonist of the use of that camera: videoconferences . In Apple they indicated how this new iPad is now compatible with Center Stage ("Centered Framing"), the feature of the iPad Pro that adjusts the framing in video conferences as we move so that we do not "get out" of the appropriate frame and our interlocutor always see us on screen.

There are of course other improvements in the hardware of this new device: the screen benefits from True Tone technology, and in the new iPad we can enjoy accessories such as external keyboards or the Apple Pencil 2 with which it is also compatible .


Ruling these new iPads will be iPadOS 15 , the new version of the operating system for Apple tablets. Thanks to this version we can enjoy new features such as widgets, new multitasking functions or the Quick Note feature, among others.

There are other unique changes: the Lightning port disappears from the iPad, which adopts the USB-C port for charging . The power adapter can supply 20 W.

IPad price and availability (2021)

The new iPads (2021) are now available for reservation , and will be in stores and in the hands of their buyers from next September 24.


The price of the new iPads starts at $ 329 for the base 64GB model, a particularly welcome change that gives users twice as much storage as previous starting models.


The news We like the new iPad for its CPU and its front camera, but we like it more for its 64 GB starting point, it was originally published in xiaomist.com by Javier Pastor .

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