{Disarmed} Vivo X70 series: release has been postponed

Vivo X70 Pro + teaser

Vivo has surprisingly postponed the launch of its Vivo X70 flagships. The global launch of the new flagships should actually take place on September 10th. Now we have to wait a few days longer.

Vivo has now postponed the launch event to September 13th. And why? Well, Apple will be unveiling its new iPhones on September 14th. Vivo didn't really mention Apple or anything like that, but it's probably trying to take a little bit of Apple's edge in the process.

Stealing the limelight from Apple and Samsung is tough, but Vivo will try to do just that. Vivo has been causing a stir in the cellular industry lately as its global smartphone market share has grown immensely.

The company seems to be quite convinced of the upcoming flagships. The Vivo X70, X70 Pro and X70 Pro + will certainly raise the bar a little higher again. We'll see that next week.


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