{Disarmed} These researchers have set a new efficiency record in (the promising multi-purpose) flexible solar cells

These researchers have set a new efficiency record in (the promising multi-purpose) flexible solar cells

Flexible solar cells open up a world of possibilities in terms of renewable energy. Thanks to the ability to adapt them to all types of surfaces, they are more useful than traditional rigid plates. The problem? They are not yet as efficient as the latter, but they are getting closer and closer.

A group of researchers from the Swiss Federal Laboratory for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) has been working for years with this type of solar cells. This work has paid off, they have set a new efficiency record of 21.4% . That is, of all the solar energy captured by these flexible solar cells, they manage to retain 21.4%

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If we look at the history of flexible solar cells, over the last two decades there have been a series of records up to the current 21.4% . EMPA set a record of 12.8% in 1999, 14.1% in 2005, 17.6% in 2010, 18.7% in 2011, 20.4% in 2013 and finally 20.8% in 2019.

To again exceed its previous figure, the researchers have used a technique that creates a semiconductor film on the polymer layer. The composition of this film has electrical properties that allow researchers to increase photovoltaic performance.

What can flexible solar cells be useful for? The adjective that accompanies them describes very well for what, for flexible surfaces . Currently solar panels are rigid and require a specific installation and occupy a specific space. Flexible layers would allow them to be adapted to be placed on all kinds of organic surfaces such as roofs, vehicles or wearables .

In the race to break record after record

It seems like an insignificant figure, but it is not when we compare it with other figures. According to the researchers, the record for traditional cells made with crystalline silicon is set at 26.7%. Generally the maximum yield is around 30%, close to the theoretical 33% that is possible to obtain. However, the odd experiment has achieved more, such as a brutal 47.1% .


Other methods apart from flexible solar cells that are interesting are for example the one using perovskite or a mixture of silicon and perovskite . Where many researchers also have their eyes on is transparent solar panels, which are currently around 8% efficient .

The case of the $ 1 billion solar plant that sought to be the most advanced in the world and is now obsolete In xiaomist.com The case of the $ 1 billion solar plant that sought to be the most advanced in the world and is now obsolete

To improve these efficiency figures, additional features are often used that are not purely the solar cells themselves. For example, a gel can be applied that better cools the plates and makes them "perspire" as long as they maintain a low temperature and at the same time efficiency. We have also seen combined methods that also take advantage of heat to achieve up to 85% efficiency .

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