{Disarmed} These 55 Android apps, games, icon packs & live wallpapers are available for free today

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In the Google Play Store today you can again dust off a whole range of apps, icon packs and wallpapers for free. There should definitely be something for you.

The apps are those that are temporarily free, i.e. those that otherwise cost something and that have a rating of at least 3 stars in the store. Most of the time, you see such free offers much too late, as Google does not even offer an overview of discounted or temporarily free apps in the Play Store.

Android apps

Money Manager -Cost Accounting, Personal Finance (Free + , Google Play) →

Artista Impresso (Free, Google Play) →

4K Camera - Filmmaker Pro Camera Movie Recorder (Free, Google Play) →

Convert text to audio: offline tts (Free, Google Play) →

Word Resume Builder Pro (Free, Google Play) →

Word Resume Creator Pro (Free, Google Play) →

Simpan - Note various needs (Free, Google Play) →

Visual Math 4D (Free, Google Play) →

1st grade math (Free, Google Play) →

2nd grade math (Free, Google Play) →

3rd grade math (Free, Google Play) →

4th grade math (Free, Google Play) →

Math 5th grade (Free, Google Play) →

Calculate up to 100 (Free, Google Play) →

Math Shot (Free, Google Play) →

The multiplication table (Free, Google Play) →

VLSM Calculator (Free, Google Play) →

IP Subnetting Practice (Free, Google Play) →

Reminder Pro - Reminder (Free, Google Play) →

Brightness Manager app (Free, Google Play) →

Android Games

Defense Heroes Premium: Defender War Tower Defense (Free + , Google Play) →

Cat Simulator Kitty Craft Pro Edition (Free, Google Play) →

Superhero Fight Premium: Sword Battle (Free + , Google Play) →

Swipe Break Out PvP: PangPang2 (Free + , Google Play) →

Everybody's RPG: Reborn (Free + , Google Play) →

10x10 Merge Dice (Free, Google Play) →

Lophis Roguelike: Card RPG game, Darkest Dungeon (Free + , Google Play) →

Requence (Free, Google Play) →

Flippy Geometry 3D Polysphere Puzzles with poly (Free, Google Play) →

Zombie Avengers: (Dreamsky) Stickman War Z (Free + , Google Play) →

Hero Z (Free + , Google Play) →

Last Day Survival Zombie Shooting 24H Dark Dungeon (Free + , Google Play) →

BUMGINEER Clicker RPG (Free, Google Play) →

Freelancer Simulator Inc: Game Dev Money Clicker (Free + , Google Play) →

Rogue Hearts (Free + , Google Play) →

Candy Joy: Jelly Bear (€ 2.29 + , Google Play) →

Ghost Hunter - idle rpg (Premium) (To be announced, Google Play) →

Icon packs

Shapy - Flat & Adaptive Icon Pack (Free + , Google Play) →

Arthur Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Dinadan Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Elyan Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Galaad Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Ginevra Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Lancelot Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Merlin Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Morgana Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Perceval Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

The Round Table Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Live wallpaper

Planets Live Wallpaper Plus (Free, Google Play) →

Splash Pro - Liquid Wallpaper (Free, Google Play) →

Prism Live Wallpaper (Free, Google Play) →

3D Parallax Live Wallpaper - 4K Backgrounds (Free + , Google Play) →

BLW Great Live Wallpapers (Free + , Google Play) →

WallApp - Wallpaper Manager (Free + , Google Play) →

Hex AMOLED Neon Live Wallpaper 2021 (Free + , Google Play) →

Such a temporarily free app also has an advantage for you later. Because if you dust off the apps for lukewarm and install them, they will be permanently saved in your account. If you have to pay for the app again later, you can still download and use it again for free.


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