{Disarmed} Telegram: Latest beta brings read receipts for groups

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Group chats make a lot of things easier. To make it even easier, there is a new function in the latest Telegram Beta. With this you can now see who has seen a certain message in a group chat and who has not.

Telegram's latest beta now supports group read receipts. So from now on you always know exactly who has seen a certain message in a thread. Subsequent comments point out that only group chats with fewer than 50 recipients are supported, which is to prevent the lists from getting too long.

On the desktop, you can right-click on a message to see who saw it. On Android, you can bring up the same menu with a long press.

It is unclear if and when this feature will be available in the stable version of Telegram. Because so far opinions have been rather divided. Let's see how the developers behind the messenger will decide.


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