{Disarmed} Telegram abused by hackers for data exchange

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Telegram has seen a rush of new users in recent months due to the changed WhatsApp terms of use. In the meantime, however, there are unfortunately also many who spread wild conspiracy theories or crooks and criminals also use Telegram.

Telegram and its encrypted chats are now used by criminals, terrorists and various users for illegal purposes. The messaging app has become a hub for cyber criminals.

Telegram has now developed into an alternative to the dark web. Details of the illegal use were uncovered by a group called Cyberint in collaboration with the Financial Times. The investigation discovered an ever-growing network of hackers.

The data is reportedly shared on channels that sometimes have tens of thousands of subscribers. The tool is used by hackers and other cyber criminals in part because it is hardly moderated and is easy to use. According to Cyberint analysts, the use of Telegram by hackers has increased by 100 percent.

The very good encryption is a main reason cyber criminals use Telegram because it offers them protection from law enforcement agencies. Increased usage by criminals, terrorists, hackers and other criminal groups could become a problem for Telegram. Because you are planning an IPO for the future - and that should finally be cleaned up.


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