{Disarmed} Samsung: Some Galaxy A and M series models have a mysterious problem

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

The Galaxy A and Galaxy M series have become a hit for Samsung. The company has sold millions of devices around the world, especially in emerging markets. Customers love the devices because of their features and their attractive price. But some of them are now causing problems

Some of the Samsung Galaxy A and Galaxy M models appear to be affected by a mysterious issue that is causing the device to freeze and restart automatically. The reports come from users of the Galaxy M30s, Galaxy M31, Galaxy M31s, Galaxy A50, Galaxy A50s and Galaxy A51 in India.

This suggests that the cause of the problem is likely limited to a batch of devices that were only sold in that country. Because there is currently nothing to read about such problems from other countries.

According to reports, the devices frequently freeze and hang up. Frequent automatic restarts are also a problem. That makes it very difficult to use the device. Some users have even claimed that their devices are stuck in a boot loop. You won't get past the Samsung logo on startup.

Samsung has not yet commented on the causes. So it's unclear whether it's a software or a hardware problem. Users who took their device to a Samsung service center have been advised that they need to have the motherboard replaced. In any case, resetting to the factory settings does not solve the problem; an expensive replacement of the motherboard seems to be the only solution so far.

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