{Disarmed} Samsung & Olympus? Cooperation rumors denied

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Earlier this year, there was speculation that Samsung was partnering with Olympus. We should see the first results with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22. The story sounded credible, also because several other smartphone manufacturers have now entered into a partnership with camera brands, Huawei & Leica or OnePlus & Hasselblad.

LetsGoDigital contacted Olympus and asked what happened next with the said cooperation. As a result, the Japanese camera manufacturer announced that there was no collaboration between Olympus and Samsung. It is of course possible that there have been conversations, but these do not seem to have led to success.

This is sure to be a disappointment for some. But Samsung has also done quite well itself in the past to build some of the best smartphone cameras. And who knows, maybe at some point you will still be a partnership with a camera manufacturer, it doesn't have to be Olympus.

The confusion may have arisen because the Exynos 2200 chip is being developed by Samsung under the code name "Olympus". Maybe that's where the rumor comes from that Samsung and Olympus have planned a partnership.


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