{Disarmed} Samsung is said to have solved problems with the mass production of the Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE header

The fate of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE may seem to be turning for the better after all. Samsung is reportedly working on improving the production of the budget flagship. The fan edition has already missed its alleged launch due to the global shortage of chips. But that wasn't the only bad news.

So far, Samsung has probably only produced around 10,000 Galaxy S21 FE, which is almost insignificant for such a long-awaited device. However, according to a new report, mass production of the Galaxy S21 FE is now in full swing in preparation for release in the fourth quarter - presumably towards the end of October.

Even if Samsung is making more Galaxy S21 FE devices, no one knows exactly how many devices the company will be making by the end of October. But as things stand, it might not be enough. And Samsung itself had already lowered the forecast sales figures for the model.

It is to be hoped that Samsung has solved the delivery bottlenecks and production problems and will have enough Galaxy S21 FE in stock in time when the release really starts in October.


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