{Disarmed} Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: "BRS" technology for ultra-thin display bezels

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + 5G

If the latest rumors are true, Samsung is in the process of making the display bezels thinner than ever. According to reports, the manufacturer from South Korea is developing the new technology "BRS" (Border Reduction Structure), a new borderless display technology that is said to be used in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and selected smartphone models.

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 series may not use BRS yet, but the Galaxy smartphones, which are slated to hit the market from late 2022, will use BSR.

The report doesn't give exact dimensions, but it does claim that BRS technology will enable display bezels on future Galaxy devices that are thinner than the thinnest bezel on the Galaxy S21 +.

Anyway, the bezels of the flagships are already thin. So if Samsung wants to make them even thinner with BRS technology, we could be dealing with new designs. Especially now that Samsung is also using UDC (camera under the display) technology.

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