{Disarmed} Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now only gets quarterly updates

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

This week a beloved member of the monthly security update models is losing that status. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is now one step closer to its end. Samsung has now downgraded support for the device.

As of this week, Samsung has officially removed the Galaxy Note 9 from its monthly update list. This change can be seen on Samsung's Work Scope page, which shows which devices receive monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual software updates.

As of this week, the model is no longer updated monthly, but only quarterly. This should go on for about a year, then Samsung will probably switch the device to a semi-annual update plan for another year before support is completely discontinued. The last update the Galaxy Note 9 received as part of its monthly schedule was the August 2021 security patch.

In addition to the downgrading of the Note 9, a few other devices have also switched sides. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 were both added to the monthly support list, as was the Galaxy A52s 5G. In the quarterly updates section, the Galaxy A03s and Galaxy F42 5G have also been added. Samsung has completely stopped support for the Galaxy S8 Lite and the Galaxy Note FE.


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