{Disarmed} Samsung donated more RAM to the first smartphone

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So now Samsung too! This manufacturer has now also rolled out an update that brings more RAM to the first smartphones. At Samsung, the feature is called RAM Plus and it uses the phone's virtual memory.

The Galaxy A52s 5G is now the first smartphone model from Samsung to receive the corresponding update. The first update for the model brings a new feature right away. And you can bet that more Samsung smartphones will get RAM Plus in the next few weeks.

With the RAM Plus indication, the Galaxy A52s 5G now explicitly shows how much virtual memory the Android system has available. The model has 6 GB or 8 GB RAM as standard - with RAM Plus there is an additional 4 GB of "additional" virtual memory.

You can find the entry in the memory overview under Settings -> Device care -> Memory. Of course, only if your device has also received an update with RAM Plus. What do you think of it, useful or not?


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