{Disarmed} Realme among the top 6 smartphone manufacturers worldwide

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realme, the fastest growing smartphone brand in the world, was named the top 6 smartphone provider in the global rankings. The data from the industry analysis company Counterpoint from Q3 2018 to Q2 2021 shows how realme has climbed into the top 6 within just three years - an unprecedented achievement for a smartphone brand on a global level. What began as a small smartphone manufacturer based in Shenzhen has developed into a "challenger to the giants" that has earned a place among the top brands in the world.

3 years, 61 markets, 100 million

In a highly competitive market that is known for high entry barriers and an even higher bar for customer satisfaction, the CEO Sky Li founded realme with a clear goal in mind: to share the dreams and vigor of a young generation of smartphone users and together in an exciting future to go. Starting from an inconspicuous brand, realme has exceeded all industry and customer expectations. The company has expanded into over 61 markets worldwide and is in the top 5 in over 18 of those markets, with first place in the Philippines and Bangladesh in Q2 2021, fourth in India and Russia and fifth in Europe. Just last month, realme was the fastest brand ever to ship 100 million smartphones, according to data from the market research company Strategy Analytics.

Realme No. 6
: Realme

High-tech, attractive design, young target group

This phenomenal success didn't come overnight. As a young brand, realme took risks with its business strategies. B. Global business right from the start, an open ear for the needs of consumers as well as high-quality and advanced technologies in an attractively designed and user-friendly product. This particularly appealed to a young audience, who quickly became enthusiastic followers of the brand.

Latin America and Europe in focus

Today realme has grown from an underdog to a global challenger. realme is growing rapidly in its core markets, which are primarily located in Southeast Asia, India, Central Asia and Middle East Africa. Strong growth is visible in the Latin American and European markets, in which the company has invested heavily in order to be able to realize the growth potential there.

Realme Top 6
: Realme

5G is becoming more and more important, once should become three times

Realme also relies on 5G products. The company's 5G share of smartphone deliveries to emerging markets rose from 8.8% in Q1 to 15.9% in Q2, placing it in third place, according to data from the Counterpoint Market Monitor Service Q2 2021.

Sky said realme's next goal is to double the 100 million milestone - ship another 100 million devices by the end of 2022 and hit the same milestone within the 2023 calendar year.

Product focus in a premium product line

As far as product strategy is concerned, realme will optimize its various product lines and deepen its technological offering. A key component is the new flagship strategy: The realme GT series will therefore be the company's only premium flagship product line to raise cutting-edge technology to previously unattainable levels and thus further shake up the high-end consumer market.

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