{Disarmed} Pixel 6 advertising: Google s new phone seen in hands for the first time

Google Pixel 6 Ad

Just over a month after the initial preview, Google released the first Pixel 6 commercial last night. With the slogan "For All You Are", the 30-second video offers a first real, non-rendered look at the phone.

At the beginning the volume is literally turned up (with the new slider UI of Android 12) and the question is asked: "What if smartphones weren't just smart." Takes gold in hand.

Unfortunately, the video doesn't offer a good live view of the Pixel 6's screen, which Google hasn't really shown yet. However, we see that the bottom frame is thicker than the other three sides.

The question "What if your phone saw you for who you are?" Is accompanied by four clips in which people hold the Pixel 6 in different colors: a gold Pixel 6 Pro, a white Pixel 6 Pro, a green / light blue pixel 6 and orange pixel 6.

This is noteworthy as Google didn't allow anyone to take live photos of the phones in August and only provided official renders - which come back up in this teaser.

Google has now also published new images of the Material You interface on Instagram . A date can also be seen there, October 19th. Will we get the new Google Phones presented on that day?

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